Worked in journalism,
now producing research
for designers.

I’m a designer + researcher who applies ethnography, storytelling and design thinking methods to make things matter more. As a multimedia designer myself, I find meanings in producing research for designers out of a love for connecting them with people and ideas.

I'm also a former journalist who specializes in story development, research, writing, and editing—as well as uncovering actionable insights around the "softer" parts of human experience.

Having recently completed an MFA in Media Design Practices at ArtCenter College of Design, I’m eager to tackle a challenge or create something new. If you’re interested, ping me at: 

Also happy to chat about music, comedy, Notion, curling, and life itself.

Greetings from Los Angeles, CA.


    Dog Park, But For Cats

          Trend Research   |   UX Research  |  UI Design  |   Design Sprint

    Future of Mobility: Good Life

          Trend Research  |  Brand Strategy  |  Presentation Strategy  |  Brand Story

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